Perks & Promotions

Cotton On & Co. Perks

  • What is Cotton On & Co. Perks?

    Our first ever loyalty program is here! Perks members will enjoy earning Perks across our seven brands - Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Cotton On Kids, Rubi, Typo, Supré and Factorie. There are loa...

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  • Where do I get a Cotton On & Co. Perks card?

    You will receive a card immediately when you join in any of our seven brands stores. If you have joined online you can pick one up in store from any of our brands. Simply ask one of our team member...

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  • How can I use my Perks voucher online?

    To use your Perks Voucher the voucher code will need to be entered into the Perks Voucher section located above the payment information during the checkout process. The code will not be recognised ...

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Promo Codes

  • How do I enter my promo code?

    Promo codes can be entered via the my bag page by selecting "Apply a promo code" and entering the code provided.  Please note that promo codes are case sensitive.  Code not applying? See...

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  • I didn't receive my 'Welcome' promo code

    To be sure that you receive your welcome promo code, it is best to use your personal email rather than a work email address. Workplace email accounts may have security settings that prevent our ema...

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  • My promo code doesn't work

    Having trouble with a promo code? Visit How do I enter my promo code to ensure you are entering the code in the correct place.  If your promo code won’t apply or you get an error message, check whe...

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