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Cotton On & Co. Perks

  • Perks Troubleshooting

    Login/Sign in issues 1. If you are unable to access your account details, or if you are being logged out multiple times per session and having to sign in again please check the following: - Check i...

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  • What is Cotton On & Co. Perks?

    Cotton On & Co. Perks is a free rewards program designed to allow us to thank you for your loyalty and reward you for shopping across our seven brands. Perks members receive a $10 voucher for every...

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  • What do I need to sign up?

    You can sign up to Cotton On & Co. Perks online here, or head in to store. You will need to provide: Your first name and last name A personal email address We also ask for your date of birth, the...

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  • Do I have to provide an email address?

    Yes, your account is linked to your email address, so you cannot be a Cotton On & Co. Perks member without one. We recommend signing up with a personal email address that's not likely to change. If...

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  • When will I receive points and vouchers for a recent Online Order?

    Perks points are added to your account when your order physically leaves the warehouse and is scanned by our delivery partner. Once the points are added, if you are then eligible for a voucher, thi...

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  • Can I opt out or cancel?

    You wouldn't want to opt out of Cotton On & Co. Perks emails, as they keep you up to date on your exclusive offers, events and most importantly, your rewards! You can, however, manage which brands ...

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Promo Codes

  • How do I enter my promo code?

    Promo codes can be entered via the my bag page by selecting "Apply a promo code" and entering the code provided.  Please note that promo codes are case sensitive.  Code not applying? See My promo ...

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  • My promo code doesn't work

    Having trouble with a promo code? Visit How do I enter my promo code to ensure you are entering the code in the correct place. Have a Perks Voucher code? Visit Help, my voucher isn't working online...

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