My order has arrived damaged or faulty!

We’re really sorry that an item you’ve been waiting for has arrived damaged!

The fastest way to receive a refund or exchange is to head to your closest store where the team can assess the product for you. We appreciate faulty items being returned as it gives us the opportunity to monitor any issues with a particular style/range. Once our friendly team in-store confirms that the product is faulty they can assist you with an exchange or refund.

If you have your receipt or proof of purchase (eg a bank statement showing the transaction) please take it with you as this makes the process much easier, but we can still help you even without this. *Please note that faulty returns made without proof of purchase will be processed at the current scan price on the day of your return*

For online orders, If you are not able to head into a store then we ask that you carefully package the item and return it to us via our free returns here so we can organise a refund.

*Please note that faulty items purchased in the store should be returned in-store. If you are unable to do this please get in touch with us via chat.

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